Roosters Day Nursery

Rooster's Day Nursery is set in pleasant and safe rural surroundings. We are a 44 place nursery and have been open since 1997, we provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child.

Our aim is to allow your child to gain understanding and knowledge by learning through play. A place where a child feels happy and cared for, and parents have peace of mind that we will put their child''s needs and requirements first at all times.

We are a feeder nursery for all three schools in the area - Betley, Meadows and John Offley, by which we offer a wraparound service to and from these schools.

We also offer Afterschool care at Roosters for John Ofley children and on-site care for Betley and Meadows.

Our staff will always make time to help with any queries or questions that may arise concerning the wellbeing of your child/children.

Our officers: Ruth Morris (Officer in Charge) and Kerrie Morris (Deputy).

We are Ofsted registered and our staff our fully qualified.

Our last Ofsted report - August 2017 which we were rated 'Good'.

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