Staff & Parents

The Staff and Parent Partnership

No one is more qualified to look after a child than the parents. Our team at Roosters is merely an extension of this role, providing the same affection, dedication and stimulation that your family home offers.

The development of strong links between parents and staff is positively encouraged and hopefully will be evident from your very first visit to the Nursery.

At any point during the day staff are available to discuss any needs or points regarding your child. We will report on the activities enjoyed throughout the day, often this takes form of nothing more than a simple and informal chat with one or more members of staff, which gives you, the parents, the opportunity to fully understand the progress your child is making.

Out door is always open and parents are invited to drop in at any time, whether it's to discuss the welfare of your child or simply witness first hand how he/she is responding to this stimulating and family orientated environment.

During your time with us you will be kept up to date of activities and developments via newsletters or notices.

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